Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Queer Physically Challenged Latina & White Sonny & Cher Of Now

Los Angeles: Performance-
For those of you who've been asking, I'm finally back on the West coast, for a little bit of time anyway.

On the flight out to LA I met The Amazing Kreskin. I didn't ask him to bend any spoons or foretell my future, but I did notice that his business card does say "Even now I know what you're thinking." For several days I kept looking at the card obsessively repeating to myself, "Get out of my head Kreskin! Oh God, can he hear me thinking that?!?" and then I realized I'd just forgotten to take my medication... Everything is fine now.

(Pictured: Greg Walloch and Monica Palacios)

I'm in Los Angeles working on a new performance piece The Queer Physically Challenged Latina & White Sonny & Cher Of Now with Monica Palacios at Highways Performance Space.

After rehearsals I've been hanging out at BITE on 30 Washington Boulevard. Great drinks, sushi, and a hunk of a waiter! It feels lovely and so easy having dinner seaside in Venice beach, where the boys stroll by shirtless with their pants slung low and the women all look like wanna be porn stars. Ah, the special beauty of Southern California...

Though I did see a woman here the other day waiting to cross the street on Ocean Front Walk and she seemed confused. I walked over to offer her some help, because she looked like she might have had Downs Syndrome or may have been mentally challenged, but as I got closer I realized that she'd just had way too much plastic surgery. I'm not sure, but she might have been one of the women from the cast of Desperate Housewives now that I think about it. She had crossed the street by the time I had reached the corner, so we'll never know.

See me while I'm in LA. Come check out our show!
The Queer Physically Challenged Latina & White Sonny & Cher Of Now on October 14th & 15th 8:30PM, $20. Highways Performance Space and Gallery at the 18th Street Arts Center - 1651 18th Street in Santa Monica, CA. See ya there.