Monday, June 20, 2005

It's now so easy being green!

Brooklyn, NY: Food-
Yesterday I got the urge to travel. I packed a bag, grabbed my passport and headed out to Fort Greene, Brooklyn for the afternoon.
I met my brother Jeff for a late lunch, it was actually about 5pm, but sometimes that still counts as lunch in New York. You folks who often find yourselves at a 24hr diner or deli at 2am know what I'm talking about... Not only is my brother Jeff Walloch an awesome guy to be related to, he's also a truly gifted photographer.
We walked down Fulton Street enjoying the sun and happened upon Habana Outpost - 755-757 Fulton Street Brooklyn.

We wanted a place to sit outside and enjoy the weather and this seemed perfect. The food was delicious! We both had The Grilled Corn Mexican Style, The Chicken Diablo Sandwich and a drink for about $10. With great company, an affordable menu and such wonderful food, what more could ya ask for?
Habana Outpost has so much more! What makes Habana Outpost really special is that it is New York City's first solar-powered restaurant and market. Open from May 21, 2005 until Halloween there will be an outdoor market with local up-and-coming artists, merchants and underground designers selling their wares.
At Habana Outpost food wastes are composted, paper materials used are post-consumer waste recycled material, soaps are one hundred percent biodegradable, non-toxic, phosphate free, never tested on animals, and they use bio plastics which are biodegradable and will be included in their food waste composting program. This is a great place to access neighborhood talents, support local economies and go Green! So visit Brooklyn, it's not so far and may-be I'll see you there.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Starlight becomes you...

New York: Theater and Performance-
Last week I had a fabulous time performing in Starlight Revue at Starlight Lounge. The show is hosted by the fierce and funny Keith Price. I had a great time hanging out with the crowd and folks who work there. You can always rely on the adorable manager Bruce to give you the latest on America's Next Top Model. Gabriel, Seton and Karen keep the libations flowing and DJ- Emjay spins the tunes. After a night out at Starlight, before I head home, I usually stop by San Loco for some cheap late night mexican... Hey the food's good too. Starlight Revue happens every Wed, 10:30PM (seating at 10PM) Free! Starlight Lounge (Pictured: Keith Price) - 167 Ave A between E. 10th and 11th Streets in New York City.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

We're Funny That Way Comedy Festival Highlights

Toronto: Theater and Performance-
Spring has finally sprung here in New York now that it's almost Summer. Life happens so much faster than I can Blog it. Recently between my work in Germany and Los Angeles, I made a quick stop in Toronto to perform at We're Funny That Way Comedy Festival. This festival is always such a good time and is run so seamlessly by Maggie Cassella, Lindy Zucker and Cheryl Izen. Highlights in the festival were the dazzling B-Girlz (who I shared my evening's performance with), the unbelievably funny and talented Unitard - Mike Albo, Nora Burns, and David Ilku (who I shared many drinks with at Woody's Bar later that evening), Me Love You Long Time: Hiphop Comedy Invasion with Kate Rigg and Lyris Hung (who I only saw for a second, but they are like the two coolest chicks on the planet), Morgan Brayton and Julie Goldman (Julie Goldman got married during the festival and Morgan's Mercury was in retrograde it seemed, but I hear she pulled it off like the sexy kitten she is), Loungezilla a.k.a. The Oops Guys (I love these adorable guys so much and have sort of naughty fantasies about them sometimes, but who doesn't?), dropping some funny sketch comedy along with their pants were Gavin Crawford and Dave Tomlinson, (Sweet Dave Tomlinson who is "on a major roll right now" according to Lex Vaughn his longtime comedy partner from Glyph, who has a part in the new John Cameron Mitchell film Shortbus, so she should know), and I met Scott Thompson of Kids In The Hall who mentioned that he loved my show... (OMG! He really really liked me!), all this and more went down at Buddies in Bad Times Theater in Toronto!
Toronto, (better than America, but cool, because they act like they don't know it.)