Thursday, June 02, 2005

We're Funny That Way Comedy Festival Highlights

Toronto: Theater and Performance-
Spring has finally sprung here in New York now that it's almost Summer. Life happens so much faster than I can Blog it. Recently between my work in Germany and Los Angeles, I made a quick stop in Toronto to perform at We're Funny That Way Comedy Festival. This festival is always such a good time and is run so seamlessly by Maggie Cassella, Lindy Zucker and Cheryl Izen. Highlights in the festival were the dazzling B-Girlz (who I shared my evening's performance with), the unbelievably funny and talented Unitard - Mike Albo, Nora Burns, and David Ilku (who I shared many drinks with at Woody's Bar later that evening), Me Love You Long Time: Hiphop Comedy Invasion with Kate Rigg and Lyris Hung (who I only saw for a second, but they are like the two coolest chicks on the planet), Morgan Brayton and Julie Goldman (Julie Goldman got married during the festival and Morgan's Mercury was in retrograde it seemed, but I hear she pulled it off like the sexy kitten she is), Loungezilla a.k.a. The Oops Guys (I love these adorable guys so much and have sort of naughty fantasies about them sometimes, but who doesn't?), dropping some funny sketch comedy along with their pants were Gavin Crawford and Dave Tomlinson, (Sweet Dave Tomlinson who is "on a major roll right now" according to Lex Vaughn his longtime comedy partner from Glyph, who has a part in the new John Cameron Mitchell film Shortbus, so she should know), and I met Scott Thompson of Kids In The Hall who mentioned that he loved my show... (OMG! He really really liked me!), all this and more went down at Buddies in Bad Times Theater in Toronto!
Toronto, (better than America, but cool, because they act like they don't know it.)

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