Monday, December 25, 2006

Best Card All Year!

(Pictured: Ewa Rybska and Wladyslaw Kazmierczak) Click to enlarge. Visit Ewa and Wladyslaw online!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

High Alert.

New York: Urban Living- I met the nicest suspected terrorist on the 1-Train the other day.In New York they always say, "If you see something, say something." I say, adorable!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Trinity

I'm not big on the divas, but if I had to pick one, it would be Dolly Parton. I've always tried to model my career after hers. She is like this beacon of peace in the world, because people who hate each other love Dolly Parton. Rednecks love Dolly Parton and gay people love Dolly Parton, but they might hate each other. So I think Dolly Parton is like this really nice point of light where people can converge and enjoy her, it's a pretty magical thing that she has managed to do.

(Pictured: Dolly, Dali, and Dalí. I often like to think of the three of them together...)

Funny 'cause it's true...

"There's been some controversy recently over the Australian and Danish governments providing funding for the disabled to hire prostitutes. The idea being that it is more difficult for disabled people to find good sexual partners than it is for able-bodied people, but I totally disagree. If you talk to any single woman in New York who's over thirty, her sex life is just as bad as any wheelchair bound quadriplegic's." - Greg Walloch

Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Good Life!

New York: Food, Performance, Radio, Podcast and Film- On a beautiful fall day in New York you could get drunk in Chelsea and not even know it! Yesterday after my rehearsal for the upcoming show Bad Girls with Allison Castillo and Ophira Eisenberg, I stopped into the Latin fusion diner Bright Food Shop on 8th Ave and 21st street for a late saturday brunch. I had the Bright Quesadilla and this seemingly cute little ginger ale. (Pictured: Hitachino Nest Real Ginger Ale.)

After I finished my excellent meal, I got up from the table and noticed that I was completely *shit-faced* - as the kids are want to say. I didn’t know that my ginger ale was packing a punch!?! I decided not to feel guilty about accidentally getting wasted at 3 in the afternoon in Chelsea. After all... I've been so busy, I've needed a little liquid break. A blessing disguised as ginger ale... Sublime. Here's what's been going on of late.

Recently I performed at Electroshock Therapy Comedy Hour at Therapy featuring the nut busting um, I mean gut busting comedy talents of host Adam Sank . The evening included the comedy stylings of Steve Hasley, Erik Rivera, Karith Foster, and myself. With some of New York's best performers, no cover and $5. Cosmos all night long, why wouldn't you make it your weekly hang out? (Pictured: Steve Hasley, Greg Walloch, Karith Foster, and Adam Sank. Let's face it, Karith would be just as fierce even without the three gay dudes.)

Next I told a story at Coming Out hosted by the impish Shawn Hollenbach and Allen Warnock at Mo Pitkin’s House of Satisfaction . Coming out stories were told by Brian Barry, Brad (Livin' the dream) Loekle, D'yan Forest, Gabe Liedman. (Pictured: Shawn Hollenbach, Greg Walloch and Allen Warnock hanging out in front of the men's room at Mo Pitkink's... Typical.)

Shawn Hollenbach and Allen Warnock look innocent enough, but they are poised to take over the downtown comedy scene with their company MintyFresh Comedy continually producing successful audience favorites like Cocktail, Coming Out, I Love This Show and coming in November: Cabaret Star! Warm up your pipes folks! However, my recent brainstorm/pitch to the MintyFresh team, a show called Frat Nite where performers do challenges like "The Elephant Walk" and "The Beer Slide" may not make the cut...

Filming at Sweet Rhythm in New York, I was on set for Epstein & Hassan's a.k.a. The Black & The Jew You Two Should Have Your Own HBO Special. (Pictured: Naimah Hassan and Steve Epstein. Can you spot The Black & The Jew in this picture?)

Indeed these two should have their own HBO Special and at this rate, I have no doubt that they will soon! This film chronicles how America's most beloved interracial couple met and fell in love. Visit: The Black & The Jew for details and look for upcoming dates for their acclaimed live burlesque show Shock & Awe A-Go-Go!

Wending my way to Brooklyn, I was in-studio for the recording of Marriage Doesn't Suck Hosted by Sage & Hella. Subscribe to the podcast in iTunes! Download Mp3's of the show!(Pictured: Hella & Sage come clean about why Marriage Doesn't Suck!)

I talk about modeling my career after Dolly Parton and Sage talks about every man's obsession with anal sex. Off the mic Sage & Hella made an amazingly spicy and lovely coconut Thai curry. We ate by candle light and caught up on each other’s lives. The dinner conversation was as lively as the show, if not more so... We'll have to do more episodes soon!

Back in New York I was live in-studio for an interview with Derek
& Romaine
of Sirius Satellite Radio. (Pictured: Romaine, Greg Walloch and Derek. Derek is wishing he could "quit" me.)

Derek & Romaine bring you all the gay and lesbian ins and outs and ups and downs... The way you like it! Listen to Sirius Radio's Sirius OutQ Channel 106.

Finally, I was on set for the filming of Michael Lucas' La Dolce Vita. If you don't blink, you may see me wondering by in the background of the "arrest scene" as Michael Lucas and Spencer Quest are escorted by the film's lawyer, detective, and reporters from the posh London Terrace Towers to an awaiting unmarked police car. La Dolce Vita promises to be lush, epic and unlike anything that's come from Lucas Entertainment before. Also, look for the movie's R-rated release at a film festival near you!(Pictured: Spencer Quest, Greg Walloch, and Michael Lucas. We could be in a gay erotic remake of Full House. Michael would of course be the sexy Uncle Jesse, but I think that would make me the Saget...)

Between taking turns in hair and make-up at Michael's beautiful Chelsea loft, the cast and crew watched Madonna's Girlie Show on DVD while Michael introduced us to his rather shy pet Peruvian guinea pig. Michael is looking hotter than ever, it must be his all raw food diet. Hard to believe he's only two years younger than I am... I chatted with Spencer Quest, he told me he was very excited about his upcoming Broadway debut in Naked Boys Singing! Spencer's also a talented painter, check out his website. Though the La Dolce Vita set was awash in gorgeous men, (not to mention stunning blonde Lucas PR vixen Heather Reznor) the person who really caught my eye and made me weak in the knees was hunky director of photography Tony DiMarco. So adorable!! When is his movie coming out? Visit: Michael Lucas' La Dolce Vita for more juicy details!

Cheers kids!! Brunch responsibly...

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sometimes Cute Boys Come...

New York: Performance- The best thing about being a writer and performer in New York is that sometimes cute boys come and sassy ladies are part of the show!(Pictured: Greg Walloch is hypnotized by Brad Patton's Swordfish.)
Taking a break from training for the World OUTGames, the very talented and charming Brad Patton took in a show at Gotham Comedy Club. Brad went on to win two silver metals back to back at the games in the Men's Individual Figure Skating event!

(Pictured: Ophira Eisenberg, Greg Walloch, and Allison Castillo are Bad Girls.)
I love these ladies! Our show Bad Girls was recently featured at Dixon Place and will continue at the D-Lounge beginning on Wednesday September 27! Stay tuned for details. Come to the show and you might win a Zima! "Zima, because we're not gonna fuck you later."

(Pictured: Cocteau Boy and Greg Walloch.)
Cocteau Boy: Should you touch his toes or his nipples? Visit his blog to find out this and so much more about the adorable Metaphysical Big Kid Gay Boy with An Old Soul.

(Pictured: Greg Walloch)
Hey kids! I'm off to Montréal for some fun and relaxation. Shhh it's ok... If you really miss me: Google me, drop a note to me on MySpace, send me mash notes on Gaydar. Even better, come see me in the flesh! In the meantime, I'll leave you a shirt that smells like me.



Monday, June 26, 2006

Maria Plus One and Me!

Toronto: Performance- I am so excited to be doing a collaboration with the lovely artist Maria Legault! Come join us!
(Pictured: Greg Walloch and Maria Legault)

Thursday, June 22, 2006

That Is So Gay!

New York: Performance- Tuesday night I performed at WYSIWYG's "Way Gay: Even Gayer Gayness" at the The Bowery Poetry Club . The evening was curated and hosted by the goddess Chris Hampton and produced by Chris Hampton, Andy Horwitz and Dan Rhatigan.
The evening started out with the hunky Rod "Manhattan Offender" Townsend treating the audience to a hilarious piece about the seven deadly sins. He announced, "If audience reaction isn’t strong enough I’m totally dropping trou." While we did our best to hold back our reaction in hopes of catching a glimpse of "Offender Jr", we couldn't help but give way to our laughter. What a tease!
Next up was the lovely Spinster who talked about being confronted on a bus by an older woman who accused her of sitting in an unladylike way. Even funnier was that something may have been lost in translation as a fellow passenger asked Spinster to explain in Mandarin what had just transpired.
Now it's my turn to put out. I told a few stories, including a tale of visiting a .99 cent store to help an anxious friend buy a pregnancy test. Here's a short video clip of me from the previous WYSIWYG's "Worst Sex Ever III" at PS 122.
DJ:ayden departing from her usual musical role, gave us dating tips on how not to be a corny negro and graduate to being a bigger, better, butch. Much to my surprise, I have been a corny negro in more of my relationships that I'd like to admit. Though with DJ:ayden's help, I'll be a proper butch in no time.
I love Curly McDimple! Don't let her sweet name fool you, this is one sassy lady. She told us about receiving a mash note from a woman she "banged" who in the letter referred to her as "lover, without irony or using a funny accent." McDimple revealed that she is still single and pondered if it was do to her being "judgmental, sarcastic and a bit shallow," but I say, what's not to love? Somebody snatch this vixen up!
Joe.My.God elicited shouts and applause from the audience before he even hit the stage! This reaction was well deserved. Joe is a charmer and skilled storyteller; he regaled us with a story of appearing on 20/20 for a segment they were doing on gaydar. I've heard rumors that the 20/20 clip is available on line!
Closing out the show was the sprightly Joel "Faustus, MD" Derfner who read his piece wearing only a snug, white jock that strained to hold it's contents. In sharp contrast was his moving and funny story about infiltrating an ex-gay meeting. After the show when I complimented Joel on his work he said, "Oh, my god, I love you! I want something tragic to happen to my boyfriend so I can date you!" Now I'm the last person to wish ill fate on anyone, but someone as cute, talented and smart as Joel makes me want to completely throw my karma to the wind! All and all, a way gay evening. Joel, call me...

Hey Kids! It's a party!

New York: Performance/Party- a FIERCE NYC Pride Afterparty: When the Rainbow Isn't Enuf! at The Knitting Factory on Sunday, June 25 from 7:00 PM to 4:00 AM $8 in advance / $12 at the door. Visit:

On Sunday, June 25th we reclaim the streets of an increasingly gentrified and straight-ified West Village for a day, but for queer youth of color those streets and the piers are a refuge and a haven throughout the year. Travis Chamberlain and Earl Dax invite you to get your party on after the parade at the Knitting Factory and help raise money and awareness for these and other issues addressed by FIERCE, a community organizing project for Transgender, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Two Spirit, Queer, and Questioning (TLGBTSQQ) youth of color in New York City. Performances by Penny Arcade, Mike Albo, Taylor Mac, Jennifer Miller, Shania Rendezvous, Bora Yoon, Fabulous Entourage and many more! DJs Kevin Graves, Tikka Masala, and Seth Kirby (English Kills). All ages. 7:00 PM to 4:00 AM. $12/$8 with flyer or discount code.
Host Committee: Justin Bond, Michael Cerveris, Dazzle Dancers, Johnny Dynell, Marga Gomez, Dynasty Handbag, Murray Hill, Kenny Mellman, John Cameron Mitchell, Julie Atlas Muz, Daniel Nardicio, Josh Kilmer-Purcell, Rob Roth, Larry Shea, Larry Tee, Michael Warner, Chi Chi Valenti, and Greg Walloch.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Manhattan Offender Interview

Greg Walloch: Manhattan Offender Interview-
Visit to read the MO Interview. It's number twenty-five in a series of interviews featuring all sorts of talented and interesting folks, check it out!
(Pictured: Rod "Manhattan Offender" Townsend)
Also if you're in New York be sure to come to June's WYSIWYG Way Gay: Even Gayer Gay Gayness at Bowery Poetry Club on June 20th at 8PM to see me and the Manhattan Offender himself! At the time of this interview we had no idea we'd soon be sharing a bill. Isn't it funny how that happens? Kismet!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Blog MIA? Check me out in the flesh!

New York: Performance- Some sassy East Village nerd-chic type recently came up to me at a performance and said, "You're a great performer and all, but just so you know, you're not a real Blogger." May be it's because I have an actual life that I'm busy living? Seeing as my last post was way more than a month ago though, they may indeed be right to question my authenticity. In any case, here is a glimpse at recent real life events and all of the awesome folks I've had the privilege of workin' with.
I joined Epstein & Hassan a.k.a. The Black & The Jew for their acclaimed neo-burlesque show Shock & Awe A-Go-Go at Chris Noth's Cutting Room. These were the last few shows leading up to our hiatus until late Spring. The shows featured: Jo "Boobs" Weldon, The Black Man, Lil' Brooklyn, Ammo, Rose Wood and myself. A special guest appearance was made by the lovely Daniel Cartier. A naked good time was had by all! Stay tuned for upcoming dates!
(Pictured: Lil' Brooklyn the "Lucille ball of burlesque")
Next up I read at Homotext Literary Series hosted by author Sara Seinberg at Dixon Place. Also on the bill was the beautiful and talented Zoe Kogan. She read from her novel The Imagined Sweetness of Artificial Flowers. A fictional reflection of acupuncture school, and what happens when ancient Chinese philosophy touches a strip mall in the heartland.
Then I performed at The Poetry vs Comedy Variety Show curated by Cheryl B, (who has a short story in the forthcoming anthology, Naughty Spanking Stories from A to Z II) at Galapagos Art Space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The evening was launched in to orbit by the funny freestyle rap of Emcee Carolyn Castiglia. Performances by Janice Erlbaum, Hal Sirowitz, Desiree Burch, Jon Friedman, Becky Yamamoto as PP Snatch, and myself rounded out this evening of comedy and poetry. Becky Yamamoto took the crown, which was actually an "I Love Ashton" fuzzy pink trucker hat!
(Pictured: Greg Walloch reading "found poetry" from A&F Magazine)
As if all of that wasn't enough, I recently had the honor of being a celebrity judge at Sketch Fights hosted by the sexy and talented Josh Callahan at The Peoples Improv Theater. The other celebrity judges included Michael Hartney of Skeeger and Livia Scott of Meat and co-host of Champagne.
The sketch group Fearsome won in a landslide vote against Olde English. Both sketch groups were funny, but Olde English felt really "guy heavy" and had that frat vibe going. Fearsome just fucking rocked it! There's no other way to say it. Fearsome is like a dirty Up With People. I love them and hope to see them again soon!
Now I know what you're thinking, "God Greg you are busy! No wonder you haven't updated your blog in over a month. Surely that's all you have energy for." You would think, right? But just a few nights later I found myself performing at Champagne hosted by the very sexy and funny Livia Scott and David Engel at Plan B.
Going to Plan B just to swoon over the cute, (but straight) bartender is worth the price of admission alone, though there are so many more reasons to go to this show. Livia and Dave host one of the best evenings in New York and have a real talent for bringing together a diverse community of artists.
(Pictured: Livia Scott and Dave Engel)
There were performances by the very funny, if not disturbed John F. O'Donnell who claims that women say he "looks so cute just like a little Troll Doll" to which he replies, "Yes, but do you want to put me in your vagina?" The charming Todd Hanson head writer for The Onion told a story about the moment he realized he was smarter than his high school teacher. Biz Ellis of Meat in a breathtaking and brave maneuver read Part 4 in the series of her actual high school diary entries, but her performance is cleverly disguised as a fun new drinking game featuring $4 "Biz Beers" to numb the humiliation. Musical guest Sxip Shirey of The Luminescent Orchestrii took the night into the transcendent with his indescribable brand of music and sound.
The experience was different than "going to perform at yet another stand-up show". This was a show that I enjoyed watching as much as I enjoyed performing in and I look forward to actually going out to see the other artist's work around town. Performing at Champagne was one of those perfect evenings that reminded me why I do this - why I'm in New York.
Not a real Blogger
Perhaps not... I've been called worse, at least she said I was "a great performer" so come and check me out in the flesh.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Worst Sex Ever!

New York: Performance-
Last night I had the pleasure of performing in WYSIWYG's Worst Sex Ever 3 at PS122. This Valentine’s Day evening featured performances by: Todd Levin, Hanne Blank, Desiree Burch, John "Jonno" D'Addario, The Assimilated Negro, Emily Deprang, Audacia Ray, and Greg Walloch. With music from dj:ayden.
(Pictured: Andy Horwitz and Greg Walloch)
WYSIWYG is Curated by Chris Hampton with Andy Horwitz and Dan Rhatigan.
(Pictured: John "Jonno" D'Addario, Greg Walloch and Todd Levin.)
Get to know these sexy and talented performers! Who knows? May be you’ll even get to have bad sex with one of them!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Yeah, Maybe He's Not That Into You, But Maybe She Knows The Score!

New York: Artist Spotlight: Allison Castillo-
Last night I went to Caroline's to celebrate the release of Allison Castillo's fabulous and funny book The Score!

(Pictured: Allison Castillo and Greg Walloch)
You may remember Allison as the other sassy lady in our smash hit show Bad Girls.

(Pictured: The Score)
Go get The Score - The Ultimate Quiz To Test Who He Is and find out how your man measures up!