Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Good Life!

New York: Food, Performance, Radio, Podcast and Film- On a beautiful fall day in New York you could get drunk in Chelsea and not even know it! Yesterday after my rehearsal for the upcoming show Bad Girls with Allison Castillo and Ophira Eisenberg, I stopped into the Latin fusion diner Bright Food Shop on 8th Ave and 21st street for a late saturday brunch. I had the Bright Quesadilla and this seemingly cute little ginger ale. (Pictured: Hitachino Nest Real Ginger Ale.)

After I finished my excellent meal, I got up from the table and noticed that I was completely *shit-faced* - as the kids are want to say. I didn’t know that my ginger ale was packing a punch!?! I decided not to feel guilty about accidentally getting wasted at 3 in the afternoon in Chelsea. After all... I've been so busy, I've needed a little liquid break. A blessing disguised as ginger ale... Sublime. Here's what's been going on of late.

Recently I performed at Electroshock Therapy Comedy Hour at Therapy featuring the nut busting um, I mean gut busting comedy talents of host Adam Sank . The evening included the comedy stylings of Steve Hasley, Erik Rivera, Karith Foster, and myself. With some of New York's best performers, no cover and $5. Cosmos all night long, why wouldn't you make it your weekly hang out? (Pictured: Steve Hasley, Greg Walloch, Karith Foster, and Adam Sank. Let's face it, Karith would be just as fierce even without the three gay dudes.)

Next I told a story at Coming Out hosted by the impish Shawn Hollenbach and Allen Warnock at Mo Pitkin’s House of Satisfaction . Coming out stories were told by Brian Barry, Brad (Livin' the dream) Loekle, D'yan Forest, Gabe Liedman. (Pictured: Shawn Hollenbach, Greg Walloch and Allen Warnock hanging out in front of the men's room at Mo Pitkink's... Typical.)

Shawn Hollenbach and Allen Warnock look innocent enough, but they are poised to take over the downtown comedy scene with their company MintyFresh Comedy continually producing successful audience favorites like Cocktail, Coming Out, I Love This Show and coming in November: Cabaret Star! Warm up your pipes folks! However, my recent brainstorm/pitch to the MintyFresh team, a show called Frat Nite where performers do challenges like "The Elephant Walk" and "The Beer Slide" may not make the cut...

Filming at Sweet Rhythm in New York, I was on set for Epstein & Hassan's a.k.a. The Black & The Jew You Two Should Have Your Own HBO Special. (Pictured: Naimah Hassan and Steve Epstein. Can you spot The Black & The Jew in this picture?)

Indeed these two should have their own HBO Special and at this rate, I have no doubt that they will soon! This film chronicles how America's most beloved interracial couple met and fell in love. Visit: The Black & The Jew for details and look for upcoming dates for their acclaimed live burlesque show Shock & Awe A-Go-Go!

Wending my way to Brooklyn, I was in-studio for the recording of Marriage Doesn't Suck Hosted by Sage & Hella. Subscribe to the podcast in iTunes! Download Mp3's of the show!(Pictured: Hella & Sage come clean about why Marriage Doesn't Suck!)

I talk about modeling my career after Dolly Parton and Sage talks about every man's obsession with anal sex. Off the mic Sage & Hella made an amazingly spicy and lovely coconut Thai curry. We ate by candle light and caught up on each other’s lives. The dinner conversation was as lively as the show, if not more so... We'll have to do more episodes soon!

Back in New York I was live in-studio for an interview with Derek
& Romaine
of Sirius Satellite Radio. (Pictured: Romaine, Greg Walloch and Derek. Derek is wishing he could "quit" me.)

Derek & Romaine bring you all the gay and lesbian ins and outs and ups and downs... The way you like it! Listen to Sirius Radio's Sirius OutQ Channel 106.

Finally, I was on set for the filming of Michael Lucas' La Dolce Vita. If you don't blink, you may see me wondering by in the background of the "arrest scene" as Michael Lucas and Spencer Quest are escorted by the film's lawyer, detective, and reporters from the posh London Terrace Towers to an awaiting unmarked police car. La Dolce Vita promises to be lush, epic and unlike anything that's come from Lucas Entertainment before. Also, look for the movie's R-rated release at a film festival near you!(Pictured: Spencer Quest, Greg Walloch, and Michael Lucas. We could be in a gay erotic remake of Full House. Michael would of course be the sexy Uncle Jesse, but I think that would make me the Saget...)

Between taking turns in hair and make-up at Michael's beautiful Chelsea loft, the cast and crew watched Madonna's Girlie Show on DVD while Michael introduced us to his rather shy pet Peruvian guinea pig. Michael is looking hotter than ever, it must be his all raw food diet. Hard to believe he's only two years younger than I am... I chatted with Spencer Quest, he told me he was very excited about his upcoming Broadway debut in Naked Boys Singing! Spencer's also a talented painter, check out his website. Though the La Dolce Vita set was awash in gorgeous men, (not to mention stunning blonde Lucas PR vixen Heather Reznor) the person who really caught my eye and made me weak in the knees was hunky director of photography Tony DiMarco. So adorable!! When is his movie coming out? Visit: Michael Lucas' La Dolce Vita for more juicy details!

Cheers kids!! Brunch responsibly...