Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Out of the House and Into The Living Room

New York: East Side Oral Literary Series and Artist Spotlight: Mike Viola -
I'm happy that the weather has started to turn wintery here and New York feels cozy. Recently I performed at The Living Room in the acclaimed reading series East Side Oral hosted by the lovely Elise Miller who is working on her sophomore novel and second baby, congratulations! The evening included the talents of JB MCGeever, Jason Wachtelhausen, Todd Levin, and me Greg Walloch. East Side Oral is one of the best long running literary series in New York, so check it out!

The very next night I was back at The Living Room to see the amazingly gifted Mike Viola. Watch "You Belong To Me" and see Mr. Viola in a tub, sexy!
(Pictured: Mike Viola)
Mike Viola will be doing a residency at The Living Room every Monday night at 9PM through the end of the year. UPDATE: Dates added - Every Monday night at 10PM through the end of January. UPDATE: Dates added - Every Monday night May 2007 at 9PM. Go Now!

Happy Holidays y'all!