Thursday, June 22, 2006

That Is So Gay!

New York: Performance- Tuesday night I performed at WYSIWYG's "Way Gay: Even Gayer Gayness" at the The Bowery Poetry Club . The evening was curated and hosted by the goddess Chris Hampton and produced by Chris Hampton, Andy Horwitz and Dan Rhatigan.
The evening started out with the hunky Rod "Manhattan Offender" Townsend treating the audience to a hilarious piece about the seven deadly sins. He announced, "If audience reaction isn’t strong enough I’m totally dropping trou." While we did our best to hold back our reaction in hopes of catching a glimpse of "Offender Jr", we couldn't help but give way to our laughter. What a tease!
Next up was the lovely Spinster who talked about being confronted on a bus by an older woman who accused her of sitting in an unladylike way. Even funnier was that something may have been lost in translation as a fellow passenger asked Spinster to explain in Mandarin what had just transpired.
Now it's my turn to put out. I told a few stories, including a tale of visiting a .99 cent store to help an anxious friend buy a pregnancy test. Here's a short video clip of me from the previous WYSIWYG's "Worst Sex Ever III" at PS 122.
DJ:ayden departing from her usual musical role, gave us dating tips on how not to be a corny negro and graduate to being a bigger, better, butch. Much to my surprise, I have been a corny negro in more of my relationships that I'd like to admit. Though with DJ:ayden's help, I'll be a proper butch in no time.
I love Curly McDimple! Don't let her sweet name fool you, this is one sassy lady. She told us about receiving a mash note from a woman she "banged" who in the letter referred to her as "lover, without irony or using a funny accent." McDimple revealed that she is still single and pondered if it was do to her being "judgmental, sarcastic and a bit shallow," but I say, what's not to love? Somebody snatch this vixen up!
Joe.My.God elicited shouts and applause from the audience before he even hit the stage! This reaction was well deserved. Joe is a charmer and skilled storyteller; he regaled us with a story of appearing on 20/20 for a segment they were doing on gaydar. I've heard rumors that the 20/20 clip is available on line!
Closing out the show was the sprightly Joel "Faustus, MD" Derfner who read his piece wearing only a snug, white jock that strained to hold it's contents. In sharp contrast was his moving and funny story about infiltrating an ex-gay meeting. After the show when I complimented Joel on his work he said, "Oh, my god, I love you! I want something tragic to happen to my boyfriend so I can date you!" Now I'm the last person to wish ill fate on anyone, but someone as cute, talented and smart as Joel makes me want to completely throw my karma to the wind! All and all, a way gay evening. Joel, call me...

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curly mcdimple said...

Greg! It was a pleasure meeting you and sharing the stage with you. You cracked my ass up.

Oh and thanks for helping to pimp me out to the ladies. :)