Sunday, May 14, 2006

Blog MIA? Check me out in the flesh!

New York: Performance- Some sassy East Village nerd-chic type recently came up to me at a performance and said, "You're a great performer and all, but just so you know, you're not a real Blogger." May be it's because I have an actual life that I'm busy living? Seeing as my last post was way more than a month ago though, they may indeed be right to question my authenticity. In any case, here is a glimpse at recent real life events and all of the awesome folks I've had the privilege of workin' with.
I joined Epstein & Hassan a.k.a. The Black & The Jew for their acclaimed neo-burlesque show Shock & Awe A-Go-Go at Chris Noth's Cutting Room. These were the last few shows leading up to our hiatus until late Spring. The shows featured: Jo "Boobs" Weldon, The Black Man, Lil' Brooklyn, Ammo, Rose Wood and myself. A special guest appearance was made by the lovely Daniel Cartier. A naked good time was had by all! Stay tuned for upcoming dates!
(Pictured: Lil' Brooklyn the "Lucille ball of burlesque")
Next up I read at Homotext Literary Series hosted by author Sara Seinberg at Dixon Place. Also on the bill was the beautiful and talented Zoe Kogan. She read from her novel The Imagined Sweetness of Artificial Flowers. A fictional reflection of acupuncture school, and what happens when ancient Chinese philosophy touches a strip mall in the heartland.
Then I performed at The Poetry vs Comedy Variety Show curated by Cheryl B, (who has a short story in the forthcoming anthology, Naughty Spanking Stories from A to Z II) at Galapagos Art Space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The evening was launched in to orbit by the funny freestyle rap of Emcee Carolyn Castiglia. Performances by Janice Erlbaum, Hal Sirowitz, Desiree Burch, Jon Friedman, Becky Yamamoto as PP Snatch, and myself rounded out this evening of comedy and poetry. Becky Yamamoto took the crown, which was actually an "I Love Ashton" fuzzy pink trucker hat!
(Pictured: Greg Walloch reading "found poetry" from A&F Magazine)
As if all of that wasn't enough, I recently had the honor of being a celebrity judge at Sketch Fights hosted by the sexy and talented Josh Callahan at The Peoples Improv Theater. The other celebrity judges included Michael Hartney of Skeeger and Livia Scott of Meat and co-host of Champagne.
The sketch group Fearsome won in a landslide vote against Olde English. Both sketch groups were funny, but Olde English felt really "guy heavy" and had that frat vibe going. Fearsome just fucking rocked it! There's no other way to say it. Fearsome is like a dirty Up With People. I love them and hope to see them again soon!
Now I know what you're thinking, "God Greg you are busy! No wonder you haven't updated your blog in over a month. Surely that's all you have energy for." You would think, right? But just a few nights later I found myself performing at Champagne hosted by the very sexy and funny Livia Scott and David Engel at Plan B.
Going to Plan B just to swoon over the cute, (but straight) bartender is worth the price of admission alone, though there are so many more reasons to go to this show. Livia and Dave host one of the best evenings in New York and have a real talent for bringing together a diverse community of artists.
(Pictured: Livia Scott and Dave Engel)
There were performances by the very funny, if not disturbed John F. O'Donnell who claims that women say he "looks so cute just like a little Troll Doll" to which he replies, "Yes, but do you want to put me in your vagina?" The charming Todd Hanson head writer for The Onion told a story about the moment he realized he was smarter than his high school teacher. Biz Ellis of Meat in a breathtaking and brave maneuver read Part 4 in the series of her actual high school diary entries, but her performance is cleverly disguised as a fun new drinking game featuring $4 "Biz Beers" to numb the humiliation. Musical guest Sxip Shirey of The Luminescent Orchestrii took the night into the transcendent with his indescribable brand of music and sound.
The experience was different than "going to perform at yet another stand-up show". This was a show that I enjoyed watching as much as I enjoyed performing in and I look forward to actually going out to see the other artist's work around town. Performing at Champagne was one of those perfect evenings that reminded me why I do this - why I'm in New York.
Not a real Blogger
Perhaps not... I've been called worse, at least she said I was "a great performer" so come and check me out in the flesh.

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