Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I bought a clock on hollywood blvd the day I left Los Angeles

Los Angeles: Photo Shoot-
I was in Los Angeles earlier this week to do a photo shoot for a show I'll be premiering with Monica Palacios at Highways Performance Space in October. More info about the show in a future post, stay tuned.
It was sweet and poignant to hang out in Venice Beach only a few streets away from my very first LA apartment. Back then I rented a small studio for around $575. I lived less than one block from the buzz and color of the Venice boardwalk and beachfront. Ahh, the good old days... I can barely believe that I lived there more than fifteen years ago?!? I miss falling asleep to the sound of the ocean and the taste of salt in the air. Here's a photo from our shoot, we are very serious.
(Pictured: Lance Bass)
Flying to LAX on American Airlines, (the preferred airline for Greg Walloch travel) I sat next to Lance Bass certified cosmonaut, member of *NSYNC, and an all around sweet guy. I'm not an *NSYNC fan per se, though I did really like that single that was produced by BT. Mr. Bass and myself chatted a bit and found we had a few folks in common, it's funny how it is such a small world.

Back in New York now and back to work. There are some fun shows coming up this summer, check out for more details.

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