Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Vancouver Vixen

Artist Spotlight: Morgan Brayton
The very first time I met Morgan Brayton she was wearing a black fur bikini and a pair of cat ears! Right away I knew we'd hit it off.
(Pictured: Morgan Brayton)
See what this talented, sexy vixen gets up to at her new pretty pink website!


Ms. Morgan said...

Greg, you didn't need any kitty ears or bikini to capture my heart. I am SO excited to see you and your talent again in Toronto! Thanks for connecting me to your fancy dancy blogger thingy. I'm honoured. (That's honored in Canadian.)


Greg Walloch said...

Thanks, but wasn't it you in the kitty ears and bikini? See you in Toronto!



Ms. Morgan said...

Yes, silly. That's what I'm saying! You didn't have any ears or even a bikini and I still adored you. How could I not?

My web designer also loves Cooper Anderson or Anderson Cooper or whatever his name is. When you come back to Vancouver you and he can bitch fight over the handsome young Mr. Vanderbilt.