Sunday, May 15, 2005

Ironie und grenzenloser Lebensfreude!

Heidelberg, Germany: Theater and Performance-

Greg Walloch - Love and Life In the Urban Jungle.

I had an amazing time performing in the All In One solo performance series at DAI's Das Haus der Kultur in Heidelberg.

Thank you to all who worked on the show and to the audiences who came out to see it!

On the way to the airport I crossed paths with Jerry Harmon - The Smoky Mountain Gypsy, he was just arriving to do his show. We'd never met before, but we "spotted" each other right away, I guess it takes a storyteller to know one. Maybe we just both had that road weary look? What a cool guy! The great thing about touring is that you get to meet so many talented an interesting folks.

Heidelberg is beautiful! I often found myself thinking, "I didn't know there were still places this beautiful on the planet..." That could've been the Absinthe talking, but I don't think so.

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