Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Steamboat: A Literary Humor Series

Pictured: Mike Albo
Steamboat: A Literary Humor Series
Greenlight Bookstore
March 18th, 7:30 pm
686 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY
Hosted by Bob Powers and Jason Reich
Featuring JULIE KLAUSNER, author of I Don't Care About Your Band
MIKE ALBO, author of The Underminer and Hornito
MAX SILVESTRI, of Gabe and Max 100 Seconds, AVClub.com columnist, host of Big Terrific
GREG WALLOCH, appearances on The Moth TV Series and Kurt Andersen's Studio 360
It's the show where people read to you without tucking you in and telling you to go to bed afterward. Come out to the wonderful Greenlight Bookstore in Ft Greene Brooklyn for a night of reading and storytelling from New York's most hilarious writers and comedians.

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